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3 Day Old Chocolate Standard Poodle Pup

Our Menu of Luscious, Huggable Colors
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AKC Color Ben-Cher's
Black Licorice
Blue Gunmetal Blue
Brown Chocolate
Cafe Au Lait Maple
Cream Buttermilk
Apricot Butterscotch

We have pups on the ground now!
We evaluate our litters for personality, temperament,
birdiness, prey drive, terrain courage, retrieving skills and
sociability matching with your criteria.
We successfully find your "just the right" pup!
To get started
1. Fill out our Puppy Home Questionnaire
and email to Cheryl Ann to find out if
you're a 3P!
(Perfect Poodle Parent)

(click for questionnaire)

2. We match each puppy with each family through our evaluation process. The Puppy Home Questionnaire
helps us determine your heart's desire for your canine companion.

3. We will contact you
by phone or email and send you pictures of our growing litter. We make sure to "match" each poodle puppy with their perspective family according to the criteria
you set forth.

Until we speak - May the Lord Bless Your Day

Cheryl Ann Young, Breeder, Master Groomer
Ben-Cher's Standard Poodles

Telephone: 218.640.0815.

Click here to e-mail us for current litter photos!
Or phone Cheryl Ann personally at 218.640.0815.