What Ben-Cher Families
Say About Us!



        We were positively impressed with the folks at Ben-Cher from the fist contact. They patiently answered our every question and concern not
only while we awaited the arrival of our little one, but continue to encourage contact to ensure that their “children” receive the best of care.
     Our Josephine is a show stopper! We always plan extra time for our walks as nearly every passer-by comments on her beauty, and asks  where we got her. 
     Josie is an integral part of our family and goes everywhere with us.  We continue to be amazed at her intelligence, which is recognized by all who spend time with her.  Our friends and family welcome her into their homes as she is sweet natured, well behaved and doesn’t shed!!. Our fellow dog owners, each one, volunteers that they wish that their dogs were like Josie.

Until we speak - May the Lord Bless Your Day

Cheryl Ann Young, Breeder, Master Groomer
Ben-Cher's Standard Poodles

Telephone: 218.640.0815.